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Using ContiBoard: Edging and Trimming

Iron-on edging can be used to conceal the exposed edges of the ContiBoard


Use an electric iron to apply the edging. First heat the edge of the board by running the hot iron along its surface, then position the tape along the length. Leave 1/2" (12mm) overhang on either end. To prevent scorching the tape, use a layer of brown paper between the iron and the tape. Run the iron along the edge using a downwards and forwards pressure.

To ensure good adhesion, immediately after the tape has been applied, run a piece of rounded timber or similar over the surface, in a rolling motion.

When cool, trim the edges with a sharp trimming knife or chisel.

The slight remaining overhang is best removed by using glass paper wrapped around a cork block, and by working at a light angle you will avoid scratching the surface.