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Using ContiBoard: Cutting ContiBoard


Measuring up accurately is essential. Use a steel measuring tape and sharp pencil or knife to mark your board into panels. To speed things up use a vice to clamp together panels of the same size and mark out lengths.

When sawing select a good quality, sharp saw with a minimum of 14 teeth per 25mm (1 inch). With the outward side of the board facing upwards (this will ensure that any small chippings will be on the inside and not visible on the assembled project) support the board either side of the cutting line. Never saw nearer to the edge than 10mm. A few practice cuts on spare material are advisable to gain confidence, whether using a handsaw or power saw.

The quickest method for cutting board is to use an electric power saw which has been fitted with a sharp crosscut or combination blade. Cut with the side to be in view underneath, the opposite of hand sawing.

If the cut surface is too rough use coarse glass paper wrapped around a small block to prepare the edge. To achieve a smooth finish, work from each end into the middle.