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Frequently Asked Questions

Montys BoneBelow you will find the answers to the most common questions that we get asked from users of ContiBoard – if the answers to your questions are not here, please call our support team on 01769 575 400.

Q. Can you stick wallpaper to ContiBoard?

A: Yes, after degreasing with soap and water (take care not to dampen the product) and giving it a light sand to provide a key - use ‘polycell’ or similar. These tips on decorating ContiBoard may be useful.

Q. What is the best way to remove general marks?

A: Soap and water but do take care not to dampen the product.

Q. Are the panels of ContiBoard edged all round on all 4 edges?

A: Most users of Contiboard make at least one cut in a panel therefore just the 2 long edges are finished.

Q. What is the best adhesive to use on ContiBoard?

A: Any PVA based glue or for heavy duty work ‘Araldite’ (epoxy). Please note, you will need to scratch the laminate to enable the PVA glue to reach the chipboard.

Q. Can I paint ContiBoard?

A: Only the melamine surface of white ContiBoard can be painted (Please note: The colours available online are not suitable for painting). The surface should be degreased using soap and water, taking care not to wet the product, and then sanded. After you have removed the dust, you can then paint using oil based paint or specially formulated laminate paint.

Q. How do you stop chipping when cutting ContiBoard?

A: Use masking tape on both sides of the cutting line and a fine toothed saw. Click here to watch our Cutting ContiBoard video for more tips on cutting.

Q. How do you remove glue from the board left from labels?

A: Soap and water, take care not to dampen the product. Turpentine or a Cellulose Thinner (nail polish remover) is also suitable.

Q. How do you use iron on Conti edging tape?

A: Apply edging to surface, ensuring it´s dry and free from dust, cover with a piece of plain paper and using a warm iron, press down firmly. Then trim to suit using a knife or chisel. Click here to watch our Edging and Trimming video.

Q. Can I use ContiBoard for shelving above radiators?

A: Norbord recommends that you position them at least 50mm (2") above the top of the radiator and position brackets either end of the shelf (with one in the middle too) to prevent bowing caused by the heat from the radiator.