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Leyla's ContiBoard Attic Cinema

What do you think of when you hear the word 'attic'? Dark and dusty and in need of a good clear out? A wasted space? Think again!

Check out Leyla's incredible attic cinema! Leyla's husband came up with the idea of turning their attic space for into a personal hub to watch football and play video games, however due to the slanted walls and challenging space, they needed to design their own bespoke units to fit the exact measurements. This is where Conti@Home saved the day, and after choosing Nut Crunch ContiBoard, Leyla was able to draw up designs and measurements in order to start their DIY project!

She told us, “The design would give my husband shelving either side of the projector, and plenty of space for all his books.  I must admit that I was a little worried if ContiBoard could handle the weight of the books, but a quick look at past projects of ContiBoard soon put my mind at ease.  ContiBoard comes in a variety of colours and we decided that the Nut Crunch would be perfect for the space.  We wanted something light, as the space can feel quite intimidating with the low ceilings and Nut Crunch seemed the perfect choice."

After measuring, cutting, drilling and fixing the new units to the wall, the room was finally complete to be used as a personal getaway for Leyla’s husband.  When speaking about the process, Leyla said “my husband and Dad started at 2pm as it took them most of the morning to move the boxes out of the way in order to have space to build the units.  This is probably quicker than building flat pack furniture and the ContiBoard is of a much higher quality. ContiBoard was really easy to work with, I watched my Dad cut the boards with ease and would have been able to do so myself had my pregnancy bump not got in the way.  Holes in the boards were drilled using an ordinary drill and secured in place using wood screws”.

If you have a dream, Conti@Home can help you build it, whether with ContiBoard panels like Leyla, or with our ContiBookcases. 

Read Leyla’s full blog here. 


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